Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Energy is Magnetic Moment Density!

Energy – the “number of something” that cannot be created or destroyed, but converted into different forms – is essential in the reality we live in. But what is the underlying mechanism? It is said that energy is mass via the universal speed of light, c – Einstein’s mass energy equivalence E=mc2. However, mass is just one form that energy shows up as (ToS 4.3.6) – It is not the general underlying mechanism of energy.

After the ToS discovery that mass is a mechanism (ToS 4.3) – not a quality of a particle – that has a profound impact of our understanding of the reality we live in. The consequence, that kg we thought was a base unit, really is the same as As2/m3, also simplifies most other quantities. In ToS 6.2 I provide a table of the new units after kg is exchanged for As2/m3. The unit for energy J comes out as A/m instead m2kg/s2 (or VAs)!

Under TopViews I have entered an overview description of the underlying mechanism of energy.
The short and simple explanation is that our elementary charge particle (the negtrino) also comes with a certain magnetic moment 1930 Bohr magneton or 1.79x10-20 Am2 (ToS Its density is Am2/m3=A/m, the unit of energy in the ToS!

Friday, August 17, 2012

How Can I Even Consider Disposing kg – the Unit of Mass?

I’ve been stating as the most astonishing consequence of the ToS, that kg is not a base (SI)-unit, instead kg = As2/m3. It is enough with s (seconds), m (meters), A (ampere, where charge is As or C) – We “don’t need” kg (kilogram for mass).

From those who have looked into the ToS – I have gotten the very relevant question/requests: (1) How can I even consider such a crazy thing – Please explain, Overview-level or at least Top to down! (I will try); (2) Are you sure? (Yes!), (3) Can you prove it? (Yes!), (4) Are you crazy? (I dunno…)

Under the TopViews page I have put in (1) to (3) – Here is the summary:

It is about which the fundamental qualities are and what is created “by mechanisms”. We are used to having time (s), length (m), current (A, or Charge As=C) and mass (kg) as fundamental qualities and of those fundamentals more complex structures are formed via mechanisms. Now I say mass (kg) is a mechanism, not a fundamental quality.   

Einstein showed that gravity is a mechanism. It is not a fundamental quality of an object - The mechanism is that space-time curves around an object. Mysterious, yes, but the ToS even explains the underlying mechanism of this curving around an object!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Yes, Electricity is Everything

The summary of the Theory of Something – the ToS – is that electricity, with its laws and equations that have been known for 150 years, is making up everything from the smallest particle to the whole universe or universes.

The ToS – Download it and read! – makes an effort to show, explain, describe, put some math to (in this context rather simple) and provide some proofs of the “the how and why”. The preface gives some background.

The scope of the Theory of Something is not narrow – it is almost Everything, including hot topics like the Higgs particle, dark matter, dark energy, black holes and universes. Starting from the smallest, the one and only fundamental charge particle – the negtrino that fills up all space in a cubic Grid and also is the building block of all other particles and matter – the ToS ends with the universes. The ToS even tries to explain how there can be Something out of Nothing – the origin of our universe - and proposes the equation for Everything.

And Yes, the Theory of Something Does Change Our View of Reality

The most radical change is that matter is electricity. Mass is not a basic quality of a particle - nothing in itself! We need no kilograms – kg is As2/m3 in the ToS!

And the most hands-on radical change is that the mass and energy (E=mc2) of matter is not inside an object, but surrounding it! It is the Grid that gives mass to matter and it can only contribute with 96 kg/m3. A 75 kg man has his mass in a 700 liter “Grid room” always surrounding him.  And the densest objects can only have 0.5% of their mass inside the object itself. The Grid room around a head is as large as the Gloria in the mosaic in the picture… (There are Grid rooms around all objects – dead or alive – it is just the density that counts.)

I think having the mass and energy surrounding an object (instead of them being a quality of the object itself) is one cause to why we haven’t found the ToS solution until now. Instead we have made more and more complex attempts to find solutions within quantum mechanics and string theory. In comparison, the ToS model is very simple and clean: One particle, one force and 150 years old classic electromagnetic theory applies.

Einstein solved the mystery of gravity (that didn’t follow Newton’s law close to objects) by placing the source of the gravity field outside the matter – He called it that space-time is curved around matter. In the ToS that is the changed negtrino density in the Grid – The Grid that makes up the space.

Now, in the ToS, I also place the source of the mass outside the matter – It is in the Grid room. It takes time to get used to, but that’s the trick! All forces on matter, gravity, F=ma and even the recently found acceleration of distant galaxies, acts on the Grid room encapsulating matter, not on the particle or object itself.

Another cause of the complex models until today, is that we haven’t seen that we live in a universe of with only negatively charged particles. The positively charged particles – the antimatter - are in other universes, and the positive charge we see in the protons, is a hole-mechanism (like in transistors).
With this understanding of matter and charge, it is sufficient with one particle, one force and, I think, one equation to explain the universe and its origin.

Yes, There Are Proofs of the ToS – and More Must Come

Had we not been so used to Newton’s second law of motion, F=ma, I would say that is the proof. It is a consequence of the ToS and is now derived for the very first time (using classic electromagnetic theory)!

The size and electron energy levels of atoms are determined by the ToS (a correct estimate is given for the hydrogen atom based on that negtrinos fill up space and that the proton and electron are made up by negtrinos as described in the ToS).

More exclusive things, like that the force accelerating distant galaxies (believed to be caused by dark energy) follows the simple law: F= m4c2r/(3R2-r2(R is the radius of the universe), remains to be verified against measured data.

A very hands-on support for the ToS is that it predicts a maximum density of atomic matter and that the densest substance known – Osmium – has a density of 99.7% of its possible maximum.

But most of all, the best proof is that Planck’s constant - that determines the energy in the photon (E=hf), that shows up in every quantum mechanics formula and is measured and verified in about 5 different ways - comes out of the dark energy in the universe (the missing 72.8% of critical density for a flat universe) split up on each negtrino in the universe via the fundamental electrical permittivity constant ε0 and the electron charge! That expression also shows that kg is As2/m3 (as it should be) now when mass and gravity are made of electricity (gravity is unified with the other forces into just one – the electromagnetic force).

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