Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Energy is Magnetic Moment Density!

Energy – the “number of something” that cannot be created or destroyed, but converted into different forms – is essential in the reality we live in. But what is the underlying mechanism? It is said that energy is mass via the universal speed of light, c – Einstein’s mass energy equivalence E=mc2. However, mass is just one form that energy shows up as (ToS 4.3.6) – It is not the general underlying mechanism of energy.

After the ToS discovery that mass is a mechanism (ToS 4.3) – not a quality of a particle – that has a profound impact of our understanding of the reality we live in. The consequence, that kg we thought was a base unit, really is the same as As2/m3, also simplifies most other quantities. In ToS 6.2 I provide a table of the new units after kg is exchanged for As2/m3. The unit for energy J comes out as A/m instead m2kg/s2 (or VAs)!

Under TopViews I have entered an overview description of the underlying mechanism of energy.
The short and simple explanation is that our elementary charge particle (the negtrino) also comes with a certain magnetic moment 1930 Bohr magneton or 1.79x10-20 Am2 (ToS Its density is Am2/m3=A/m, the unit of energy in the ToS!

The Grid of negtrinos provides an almost constant negtrino density throughout space. When in balance between the repelling electrostatic forces and attracting magnetic forces (ToS 3.1.1), the magnetic moment density can be regarded as a reference level of energy.

Mass and gravity are examples of relocation of energy. The mass mechanism (ToS 4.3) results in a negtrino density increase inside the Grid room: The magnetic moment density – energy – is increased. That energy is taken from the gravity field where the negtrino density is decreased.

Other forms of energy should also result from a magnet moment density change as the underlying mechanism. Potential energy and particle decay is exemplified on the Top Views page.

The Laws of Physics Getting Obvious in the ToS…

In the ToS we have already derived Newton’s second law motion, F=ma (ToS 5.4) – which has never been done before. F=ma is really the same as conservation of momentum and in ToS 6.2 I noticed the electrical interpretation: The current flow is equal to the time rate of change of the charge flow, which is quite obvious to an electrician.

Now we also can understand energy as the magnetic moment density, provided by the negtrinos in the Grid.

The ToS view also goes well with Einstein’s curved space-time around matter in his general theory of relativity (ToS 4.3.5). Gravity is reduced charge density around matter (ToS 3.3 and 5.5) and the very size of the atom – the distance to its electrons – is determined by the distance between the negtrinos in the Grid (the density) (ToS 4.5.1). The actual size of all material things, including rulers, the reference meter, etc. will change with the negtrino density in the Grid. Space, which is made up by the Grid of negtrinos, does curve around matter!

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