Friday, August 17, 2012

How Can I Even Consider Disposing kg – the Unit of Mass?

I’ve been stating as the most astonishing consequence of the ToS, that kg is not a base (SI)-unit, instead kg = As2/m3. It is enough with s (seconds), m (meters), A (ampere, where charge is As or C) – We “don’t need” kg (kilogram for mass).

From those who have looked into the ToS – I have gotten the very relevant question/requests: (1) How can I even consider such a crazy thing – Please explain, Overview-level or at least Top to down! (I will try); (2) Are you sure? (Yes!), (3) Can you prove it? (Yes!), (4) Are you crazy? (I dunno…)

Under the TopViews page I have put in (1) to (3) – Here is the summary:

It is about which the fundamental qualities are and what is created “by mechanisms”. We are used to having time (s), length (m), current (A, or Charge As=C) and mass (kg) as fundamental qualities and of those fundamentals more complex structures are formed via mechanisms. Now I say mass (kg) is a mechanism, not a fundamental quality.   

Einstein showed that gravity is a mechanism. It is not a fundamental quality of an object - The mechanism is that space-time curves around an object. Mysterious, yes, but the ToS even explains the underlying mechanism of this curving around an object!

The Higgs mechanism (Wikipedia: “particles gain mass by interacting with the Higgs field that permeates all space” and the Higgs field is quite like the Grid) is believed to give mass to particles, BUT then mass then
stays in a particle as a fundamental quality, with kg is a base unit.

In the ToS, the Grid room (ToS section 4.3) is the mechanism of mass generation and it stays a mechanism – It has no “symmetry breaking” that changes the laws of physics and nails mass into a particle, like in the Standard Model.

Then comes the proof – or rather an attempt to prove or show both that kg = As2/m3 and that the negtrino itself exists and must have its basic qualities: Charge e/3, with magnetic energy mec2/9 and being spaced 10.15 pm apart when in the Grid.

The basis of the proof is that Planck’s constant 1.0546x10-34 m2kg/s, which value is confirmed in very many different experiment in Quantum Mechanics and now comes out the previously undiscovered relation 

involving the dark energy density Ude in the universe. The value of this relation becomes 1.0546x10‑34 just like Planck’s constant, but the units become As/m instead of m2kg/s. kg must be replaced by As2/m3!

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