Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time to Bring the ToS to the Public and Scientific Community

Today is sending out a press release. Let’s see if it reaches the right public and scientific community.

I made a Summaryof the ToS that is lot lighter and quicker to read and grasp, and also lists the support and proofs of the ToS.

The strongest proof that there is something out there - the negtrino in the Grid - something important spaced 10.15 picometer apart, was a big surprise to me find out. I was doing some cosmological calculations, and suddenly, I saw the number of Planck’s constant showing up, 1.0545x10-34!? Where did that come from? But the units were all wrong – not the Js that it should be.

It actually took quite long time before I understood what it meant - the dark energy in the universe per negtrino and revolution – and that mass is not a quality of particles, kg is not a base unit:

What has surprised me most when developing the ToS over the last 9 months, is not that I get away with one particle and one force and that it is all electricity. The mass being outside an object instead of inside the object is of course very surprising, but most surprising is that when discovering the smallest at the very bottom level, I could actually understand things and physical laws that I never thought was possible to get a clear picture of.

Now I understand and hope the reader of the ToS also will be able to understand:
-          Why the negative electron does not fall into the positive atom nucleus
-          How particles are composed
-          The nature and mechanism of mass and gravity
-          What a photon actually is
-          Why space-time curves and the speed of light is measured to be 
           constant in relation to everything
-          What Planck’s constant is
-          What a black hole is
-          What dark matter can be
-          Where the antimatter is
-          The Big Bang and the possible origin of our universe
-          What makes up space itself
-          Why F=ma, what energy is and the origin of our laws of physics

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