Monday, October 22, 2012

The Michaelson-Morely Experiments and Special Relativity

At the Viewer’s Q&A page, I just added a response to the popular question whether the hundred year’s old Michelson–Morley experiments and Einstein’s special relativity are in conflict with the ToS. They are NOT – but they have been misinterpreted. They actually confirm the ToS and remove the mystery around them. There is a reality and we can now understand why the speed of light always has been measured to be the same, independent of movements of the light source (true) and of the observer. That latter is a systematic measurement flaw because the Grid rooms around matter have not been known before the ToS.

New experiments are proposed to show the existence of the Grid rooms surrounding matter objects and that the speed of light certainly varies with movements of the observer – when measured outside of the observer’s Grid room. The speed of light is simply constant in relation to the Grid – just as expected with an “aether” – the medium in which light propagates.

The experiments can also confirm the ToS prediction that most of the mass is outside of an object and that the space contributes with 96.4 kg/m3.

The second most popular question is whether I have confused Weight and Mass, which is best addressed at the previous blog entry. The ToS proves that they are equal, by deriving both F=ma and the gravity law from electricity.

Newton’s fundamental mechanical laws of physics are not fundamental anymore – They are derived from electricity, which is the fundamental law of physics! In addition, the force accelerating distant galaxies (attributed to the dark energy) is predicted and derived. That is a third force acting upon mass, the one and only mass that also gravity and Newton’s second law motion (F=ma) acts upon.

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