Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time to Bring the ToS Outside the US - Now UK

The press release last month from Theory of Something was only distributed in the US where 75% of the clicks are coming from. Today it is going out to the UK. Viewers from the press release are welcomed here.

I have updated the Summery of the ToS to version 1.1, mainly by adding a summary of the limitations and generalization of electromagnetism and Something out Nothing (ToS 8) and the Creation (ToS 9) as section 2.11 in the Summary.

I have also updated the full Theory of Something document to version 1.2 by adjusting some pictures and texts. I also added some paragraphs in relation to the discussions with TinaK below, like the historic mistake of adding current (A) as base unit in 1933-1946, going from 3 to 4 units, without making kg for mass a derived unit (new ToS 6.2.1). 

kg is As2/mand staying with only 3 base units, would have changed science! Length (m), time (s) and charge (C=As) are the base units in the ToS and there is only One Force, the electromagnetic. 

Another addition to ToS 8.2.2 is the remarkable match of the 1.4 pm reach of the force between negtrinos in composed particles (from simple electromagnetic estimations) compared to the reach of the Strong Force in the Standard Model that TinaK pointed out below.

The Nobel Prize in physics will be announced today. My guess is that the committee awaits the final results from CERN and LHC before giving it to "the Higgs". How will I otherwise handle my suspicion in ToS 4.4.2, that the bump at 125.3 GeV just is four different short lived heavy particles that each happens to have a mass centered in the announced 125.3±0.6 GeV/c2 range?

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