Monday, November 26, 2012

Two press releases teaching about the mysterious dark energy are published today:


The dark energy certainly does more than accelerate distant galaxies – still it is just a tiny 10-50 additional charge density in the Grid.

For viewers that want to dig deeper, I recommend the ToS Summary that also lists the support and proofs of the Theory of Something.

Here are a few pointers to the details discussed in the above releases (into the Theory of Something):
ToS section 3: The Grid of Charge particles
ToS section 3.1.1: The Photon and Planck’s Constant Showing Up
ToS section 4.3: The Mass of Particles and Generation of Gravity
ToS section 5: Dark Energy, F=ma and the Gravity Law
ToS section 6.1: Tying Cosmology to the Quantum World – Planck’s Constant and the Revised View on Mass (See also the Introduction above.)

A popular question is still whether I have confused Weight and Mass, which is best addressed at the previousblog entry. The ToS proves that they are equal, by deriving both F=ma and the gravity law from electricity. Newton’s fundamental mechanical laws of physics are not fundamental anymore – They are derived from electricity, which is the fundamental law of physics!

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