Monday, December 31, 2012

Theories Based on Quantum Mechanics Have Reached Their Limits

We published a short video ( and sent out a press release to illustrate how a simple particle is a complex structure, with mass surrounding the particle rather than being inside the particle.

That is why we have the mysteries of the quantum world: Uncertainty, dislocality, with both a particle and a wave behavior. Quantum mechanics based theories can hardly be on the right track of describing mass and are very far from incorporating gravity.

Albert Einstein stated that Quantum Mechanics could not be a complete theory, when introduced around 100 years ago. In the Theory of Something, we thank James Clerk Maxwell for completing classic electromagnetism 150 years ago. Electricity is Everything!

The previous blog entry, how I derived Newton’s fundamental physical laws, both F=ma and the gravity law, is still popular. Electricity is now the top law from which all other laws should be able to derive – Even Quantum Mechanics!

A Happy New Year, /G.D. Tosman

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