Saturday, January 5, 2013

The above article confirms the ToS view that space is a "quite stable and calm" place as discussed at the Viewers Q&A November 19. There is no Quantum Foam when the Grid is in place!

Facebook Page Now Open and Lumo's Tennis Racket

I have now opened a Theory of Something facebook page at I am not sure how active I will be able to be there though.

And today famous Lubos Motl posted a long blog entry about the Theory of Something, having interpreted the magnifying glass in the picture below (from the video as a 2 dimensional tennis racket thing!? I actually believe Lumo's is a lot smarter than that, if he just would open the ToS, which he apparently had not, when writing the blog entry. 

Below is my response to:  It was still "awaiting moderation" when I wrote this. Hope he publishes it and responds after reading up on the ToS.

I would like to see real reviews from the scientific community, even if Lumo is a bit controversial after calling scientific colleagues crackpots too many times.

Hi Lumo, G.D. Tosman of Theory of Something is here. Good of you to have a look, but please look deeper! The picture does not show a TENNIS RACKET – It is a magnifying glass and the structure inside is 3 dimensional (even if your screen is 2D…). 

The tennis racket view is an original approach though. :) Other approaches yielding similar conclusions are usually based on that “the Theory of Something is too good to be true” (or explains too much and even changes the fundamentals), so it must be crackpot.   (long continuation after Read more)
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