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This Theory of Something (ToS) started from the assumption that there is a single fundamental elementary particle, the electric charge that fills our universe, but quickly led to this wide theory that spans from the quantum world below the electron and photon to the large cosmos, even beyond the universe we know as well as its origin.

The theory presented is simple and beautiful. It conforms to what we see and experience and is viewed from a hands-on perspective in a model without new physical laws or extra dimensions. Compared to current ideas and trends, the model presented is a great simplification with only one fundamental elementary particle and one nature of all forces. The math used is easy and produces numbers that match current knowledge and experiments, although much more can and remains to be checked and verified.

In this Theory of Something (ToS), matter is built from the single fundamental particle and the known elementary particles as well as dark matter particles are exemplified. All fundamental forces – including gravity - are consequences of electricity and classic electromagnetic theory rules. The universe we live in is filled with this negative charge particle, arranged in a cubic grid (the Grid) that is balanced between the particles’ repelling electrostatic and attracting magnetic forces. The Big Bang injected additional charge that is still expanding our universe and whose energy remains as the only excess energy in our universe.

The very nature and hands-on mechanism of mass and gravity is explained from the ToS particle model. One surprising consequence is that the neutrino, without showing any mass, still generates substantial gravity, and therefore is the best candidate for the missing dark matter.

The presented particle, atom and cosmological models allow equations for Newton’s second law of motion F=ma(!), gravity and the force accelerating distant galaxies to be derived and deliver surprising results.

Light and electromagnetic radiation in general are electromagnetic waves in the medium made up by the electric charge particles in the Grid and its quantification – the photon – as well as the “constant speed of light in relation to anything”, is explained.

Planck’s constant can be calculated from cosmic quantities, tying the largest to the smallest. That expression also confirms that the origin of mass is an electromagnetic mechanism instead of a quality of particles and that kilogram (kg) is not a base unit.

The charge particle and the Grid of them is the basis for everything and can in many ways be seen as making up the space, particles and matter, which general relativity and quantum mechanics describe. However, the author takes a more hands-on and less mysterious view from a Euclidean perspective. The presented models and results are concrete and should bring us much further.

The separation of negative and positive charge (antiparticles) into different universes is hypothesized and universes’ origin and cycling is discussed.

A modification of the general equation for force between charges is proposed as the equation for the Theory of Everything.

Version 1.0 and below
Initial prerelease for selected
Version 1.1
Minor corrections, Added 6.3 Energy Explained,
Updated size of Big Bang black hole
Version 1.2
Minor improvements. Historic mistake in 6.2.1 added.
Strong Force reach in 8.2.2 added.
Version 1.3
Minor improvements/corrections/clarifications
Modified photon description in 3.1.3 and 8.1
Modified dark energy description in 5.3.
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