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January 1, 2012
Theory of Something Reveals Why Quantum Mechanics has Reached its Limits: 
Mass is Outside of Particles 
The Theory of Something - showing how the Quantum World to the Universe works - now reveals why quantum mechanics has reached its limits. Particles are complex structures with all of their mass outside the particle itself. Mass is no particle quality but originates from electromagnetism.  .

November 26, 2012
Without Dark Energy in the Universe, Light Will Not Shine 
The dark energy – the unknown substance that is accelerating distant galaxies and making up 73% of the universe – has also been found necessary for light to shine. The Theory of Something reveals what dark energy is and how it relates to Planck’s constant on the quantum scale and to gravity on the cosmic scale.

November 26, 2012
It is the Dark Energy in the Universe that Gives Mass to Matter 
The dark energy – the unknown substance that is accelerating distant galaxies and making up 73% of the universe – has also been found necessary for matter to have mass. Without dark energy, matter would show no mass and we would not recognize our universe. The Theory of Something reveals what dark energy is and how it relates to mass and gravity.

October 22, 2012
Theory of Something Proposes Experiments to Show that the Grid and Grid Rooms -  “an Aether” - Exist 
The Theory of Something presented last month, predicts that space is filled with a Grid of fundamental charge particles, called negtrinos, and that matter is surrounded by Grid rooms. The proposed modified Michaelson-Morely type of experiments are expected to show that such “aether” exists, just as believed by Maxwell and other scientists in the late 1800s and that the speed of light only is constant in relation to the Grid.

October 9, 2012 (UK)
September 13, 2012 (US)

New Theory Reveals How the Quantum World to the Universe Works:

The “Theory of Something”

A new theory – remarkably simple and understandable – unifies the gravity force in the large cosmos with the forces of the quantum world by introducing a single fundamental particle that makes up all other particles, matter and space itself.

September 13, 2012 – A new theory unifies the gravity force in the large cosmos with the forces of the quantum world by introducing a single fundamental particle that makes up all other particles and matter. The same particle also makes up the room itself by a Grid of these particles filling all of space, in which matter and everything is encapsulated. Mass is generated by a mechanism in the Grid instead of being a quality of particles; kg is not a base unit and all objects are surrounded by a portion of the Grid called the Grid room that gives them their mass.

The new Theory of Something is very different from other theories with extra dimensions and mysterious results. It details the underlying particles and mechanisms which greatly simplify the understanding of how the smallest to the largest in the universe works: There are only three room dimensions and time, there is a single fundamental particle – called the negtrino – and its antiparticle – the postrino – and only one force. The force is the electromagnetic and classic electromagnetic theory instead quantum mechanics is used for the description and supporting mathematics.

The new theory resolves most problems of other theories; the fundamental constants do not have to be fine-tuned, it can now be understood where the antimatter is, the energy of the Big Bang and the whole universe does not have to come out of nothing and our laws of physics can always and everywhere be the same instead of new laws appearing at certain points. Even our common mechanical laws of physics can be derived from the single force law in the Theory of Something. Newton’s second law of motion, F=ma, is actually derived for the first time in history.  

With the Theory of Something it is now possible to understand why space-time curves around matter, as Einstein taught in 1916 and also to understand what a photon – the light particle – actually is.

A summary of the Theory of Something including more than 30 specific points supporting the new theory is published at The most staggering proof of the Theory of Something model is that Planck’s constant 1.0545x10-34 Js – the value that has been verified in all quantum physics experiments – can be calculated as the dark energy (recently detected by cosmologists) split up on each negtrino in the Grid.

G.D. Tosman that has developed the Theory of Something points out that with an understanding of the underlying reality, there are now much further experiments, computer simulations, verifications, development and discoveries that can be done to bring the understanding of the universe and its origin forward.

The Largest Step Forward Since Einstein 

Commenting on how he could find the solution that Einstein searched for during his last 35 years and that has puzzled the scientific community for 100 years, G.D. Tosman reflects over the ToS (as he calls the Theory of Something): “Many of the clues and ideas have been around for some time or for very long:
-  There must again be an ‘aether’ – something that fills up space - whether it is called the Grid in the ToS, the Higgs field, branes in string theory, the LQG field or a structured vacuum.
- Paul Dirac had a hole theory and a sea of electrons in 1928 and that is close to the ToS hole mechanism that generates positive particles although the are only negative particles in our universe.
- A zero energy universe, where mass and gravity energy equal out, is also pointed out these days. And cyclic universe models indicate that the energy of the universe is borrowed, rather than created.
- And the six extra dimensions required in string theory are a sign that more is needed for a complete description – In the ToS we have the magic Grid where the position of each negtrino is fixed, but its six possible magnetic directions are essential.”

He continues, “I had the fortune of putting the ToS together and perhaps benefited by not being skilled in the advanced math of other theories, but had to rely on understandable electromagnetic theory.”

The Key Points of the Theory of Something

G.D. Tosman states: “The key to the ToS was not just a single smaller fundamental particle, but these six key points:
1. Space is filled with the elementary charge particle and our universe has only negative charge particles. There is no emptiness – no ‘Nothing’.
2. When clumped together, the same elementary charge particle makes up all other particles and matter.
3. Things like mass and everything above, are mechanisms - not qualities of particles.
4. The four fundamental forces – the strong, the weak, the electromagnetic and gravity – all emanate from a single force, the electromagnetic (a slightly modified generalized equation is proposed in the ToS).
5. The photon is a wave in the form of the energy of rotating negtrinos in the Grid.
6. The universe was not created at the Big Bang – Space, time and the laws of physics already existed and still exist. The Big Bang “only seeded” our active universe, when the dark energy in the form of a black hole from a surrounding positive universe entered into our universe.”

More information, including the Summary and full Theory of Something and pictures are available at:, summary at
G.D. Tosman

Short Quote: “When discovering the very smallest at the fundamental level during the ToS development over the last 9 months, it was most surprising that it was possible to understand and get a clear picture of how those things work and where our physical laws come from.”

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  1. If there is an ether that supports the propagation of a photon, how do you explain that the speed of light is the same independent of the frame of reference, as Einstein's special theory of relativity states and was apparently proved by Michelson-Morley's interferometer?

    1. For this see ToS 4.5.10 and 2.10.2: "It was the Grid rooms following any object that made the Michelson–Morley experiment fail in 1887 and lead to the non-understandable conclusion that the speed of light is independent of movements of the measurement equipment. In the ToS, light is a wave in the Grid with a speed only constant in relation to the Grid. Figure 8 and 54 suggest how that can be verified."
      It was the “partially aether dragging” idea that was the correct one, but the added huge lead blocks that were only contributed to the static Grid room around the interferometer itself.

      Please note the part of Einstein’s postulate in special relativity that states that the speed of light is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body still is correct and also applies in the ToS. But the speed of the observer will affects the speed of light if measured outside the observers Grid room.

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